Taking action is overrated. Planning is underrated.

This is true. Almost every motivational speaker will say that you need to take action and think later. As if taking action will get you whatever you want. This is simply not true.

Taking deliberate action to reach a desired destination is the proper way to do things. You need direction, a strategy or a plan so you know where you’re going. If you don’t know where you’re going, then all the energy you put in, goes to waste.

So the next time you’re taking your time planning things out and people say that you just sit around and not get anything done, tell them that while others might be building a bridge to go over the river, you’re building a rocket to go across the continent.

Planning is always more important than action. Considering different scenarios, seeing which one will be the best for you is the ONLY way to ensure you achieve the desired result.

Check out this amazing video for more info on this: