Why Hair Loss in Women can Cause Psychological Stress if Left Untreated

More women than you might expect are affected by hair loss. Every 1 in 4 women has some form of hair loss problem during their life.

When it comes to the psychological effects of hair loss, women are affected far more often than men. The expectations of men and women to have a full head of hair are very different, unfortunately. This has a heavy impact on how the average woman reacts to losing some or all of her hair.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the changes in a woman’s impression of themselves when they lose their hair. Not only are their potential image changes, but a woman has a high risk of negative psychological influence.

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Affects to Women’s Impression of Themselves

Low Self-Esteem

Losing your hair as a woman can have a significant impact on self-esteem. Low self-esteem is one of the most common impacts of hair loss in women. When they look in the mirror, they see only a shell of who they once were.

Please, do not misunderstand. We firmly believe that a woman is just as strong and beautiful with or without her hair. Plenty of women who suffer from hair loss are still able to walk the walk and look stunning in daily life.

However, the problem is that some women believe themselves to be lesser because of their missing hair. Even worse, sometimes people around them can cause them to feel this way by reacting to the hair loss negatively.

The next time you talk to a friend or family member that has issues with hair loss, make sure to compliment them as often as you can without being weird!

Altered Body Image

Obviously, hair loss has an effect on your physical appearance. However, some women take the change to the extremes, stating that they are ugly without their hair.

Many women turn to hair extensions or wigs to cover up the hair loss. While doing so is perfectly alright and every woman should feel free to wear any look they desire, it isn’t necessary to do so because you feel like you’re unattractive now.

Nevertheless, this is a common reaction for women suffering from hair loss. We all need to compliment the beauty of these amazing women and quit making awkward, obvious glances!

Lowered Self-Confidence

The last and most devastating personality change is lowered self-confidence. Women who used to go out all the time and be the life of the party will suddenly become home dwellers that never want to go out for any reason.

A low sense of confidence will turn your life completely upside down! If you know anyone that feels this way, go ahead and encourage them to go out and be proud of who they are. Be sure to try your best to get them help via a doctor or treatment of some form if possible.

Potential Serious Psychological Influence


In extreme cases, some women suffer from depression. The effects of depression worsen the longer they suffer from hair loss. Anyone who is suffering from depression, for any reason actually, should get help immediately.

In the case of hair loss, you must get the woman treatment. Take her immediately to a doctor and see if they can determine what is causing the hair loss. If treated quickly, your friend or family member will likely not experience depression at all, which is fantastic.

On the other hand, if no treatment is available for their particular condition, you must stand by them whenever you can and support them 100%. Depression is a scary psychological condition and will lead to complete disconnection from the world if no one is there to look after them. Be warned that this is not a joke. In rare cases, women do grow into clinical depression from dealing with their hair loss symptoms all alone. Make sure that rare case isn’t someone you know because you didn’t act in time! Be the should and the rock that they need, no matter how close you are to them. You won’t regret it!

Why Hair Loss Can Take a Huge Toll on Your Mental Health

Losing your hair isn’t as simple a matter as you may think. Hair loss occurs in both men and women quite often. More than half the men in the world suffer from MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) at some stage of their lives.

Women, on the other hand, suffer from a variety of hair loss issues. Every fourth woman goes through a period of hair loss at some stage in life. Luckily, women tend to have a better chance of reviving their hair.

The effects of hair loss on your personality and, ultimately, your entire life is quite intense. Everyone reacts differently, but most have at least some impact on their life from it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these effects and how far it can go. Remember that everyone reacts differently. However, if you know someone who is suffering from hair loss, make sure to check on them as they may be experiencing some of the following symptoms.

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Hair Loss Affects Your Personality

The first impact of hair loss is on your personality. Someone who used to be outgoing and confident could suddenly lose that spark and spend more time alone at home. Not only can they lose confidence and self-esteem, but they may find themselves uninterested in risking rejection or having someone stare at their missing hair.

Whatever the reason, it may be the fault of the people around them, or it may all be in their head. Either way, it causes quite a substantial change in their life.

Hair Loss can Lead to Depression Anxiety and Social Phobia

The more severe risks of hair loss are psychological in nature. Depression, anxiety, and social phobia are some of the more prominent risks that occur sometimes. Any of these psychological conditions should convey a massive red flag in a person’s life.

If left unchecked, these conditions will worsen. The worse things get, the more impact their mental attitude will have on everyone and everything around them.

The Result of Your Personality Change Affects All Parts of Your Life

Unfortunately, the alterations to personality have an impact on all the important parts of life.

For starters, people who used to be very close to them will likely have grown distant due to negative personality conveyed to them. Some people may be able to look past the reaction to hair loss and stand beside them anyway, but these people are quite rare yet amazing.

Their work environment will also be affected as they express little to no motivation whilst there. It depends on the individual and the job location, but there is almost always a negative outcome when one is left to feel the above things.

Last and perhaps most damaging is their social group. Some close friends and loved ones may have the willpower to stand by and support these poor people, but many of their regular friends will make themselves scarce to avoid the awkwardness.

Get Your Hair Loss Treated and Don’t Let Go of the People that Care About You

It is terrible to lose your hair, especially if you’re a woman. However, we can’t let something like this get us down! If you haven’t already, you need to go see a doctor and get yourself checked out. There’s always a chance that your hair can be saved. If you’re feeling down and depressed due to your hair loss, you should at least try to get it resolved. This may help you to feel a whole lot better. If there’s nothing to be done, make sure you don’t push away the people that care about you. Many people may not realize how difficult it is for you to survive losing your hair, but no one will have a chance to try if you push them away first. Keep your good friends close and your family even closer!